About Unrobe

Amsterdam’s Unrobe is on a mission. The new sustainable clothing brand liberates the fashion industry from its bad habits. They show sustainable clothing can be cool and fashionable. Unrobe's mission: dressing people by undressing the industry. They put sustainability at the heart of everything they do.

The products are exclusively made of recycled polyester and organic cotton with GOTS certification. This means no chemicals nor pesticides are used. Saving 2500 liters of water per T-shirt compared to conventional cotton. The brand ethically produces in premium factories (GOTS certified) situated in Portugal. Europe based production lowers the carbon footprint of the brand. They work closely with fully circular dye houses and laundry’s. In fact, Unrobe doesn’t harm people and environment by producing their garments. On top they show full transparency in everything they do.

Every product has a QR-code which shows where, how and who made the garment. They also show the products cost breakdown and margins, they’ve nothing to hide. Check out unrobe.com.